Rhodwork | We work with insurer to guarantee the best possible Auto Body Repair available

33 Bay Street, San Rafael, California 94901 • (415) 456-7201 info@rhodwork.net

We Guarantee all Auto Body Collision Repair & Automobile Body Restoration Services for the life of the vehicle with its present owner


At Rhodwork, all of our body and paint work is guaranteed!  We can comfortably make this guarantee because of the quality of our workmanship and the longevity of our business.

We established our business in San Rafael 39 years ago, in 1974.  We’re here today and we’ll be here tomorrow!

We still service some of our original clients that have been coming back since 1974.  One or two of them still have their original cars.  The work that we did on those cars in the seventies is still guaranteed to this day.

Rhodwork is a lifelong endeavor for me. I’ve lived in Marin my whole life.  I’ve been in San Rafael my entire career and this is where we’ll stay.

Standox Guarantee