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Auto Body Collision Repair & Automobile Body Restoration Services

Our work is by accident.  If you find yourself in the position of needing any auto body or collision related repair, here is a list of some of the procedures done at Rhodwork.

Auto Body Repair & Painting

Automobile Body Painting; Expert color matching

Auto Body Collision Repair

Auto body frame and structural measurement and repair

Auto uni-body Repair or Replacement

Automobile suspension repair or replacement and alignment

Automobile airbag and restraint systems replacement

Auto bodywork insurance estimates

Auto restoration

Auto glass replacement

Automobile fiberglass and plastic auto body repair

Auto rust repair

Automotive water leaks Painting

Automotive squeaks and rattles

Clear Guard replacement

All auto mechanical, exhaust and electrical repair and parts replacement related to collision


We are in this business because we love cars.

I am a true car guy! Because of my love and admiration with all things automotive, no car leaves our shop that doesn't evoke a sense of pride and admiration for the work that we have performed in restoring it to its original beauty and usefulness.

For me, this love affair started when I was a boy of about ten years of age. This was at a time when cars were redesigned by the manufacturers on an every other year basis. I discovered that motor vehicles were supposed to be elegant, powerful and have a specific utility, depending on their intended use. This intrigued me. I was always looking for ways to either refine design elements, or to simply make things functionally better.

There is no vehicle that comes into our shop that does not matter to me. If the aesthetic beauty of a customer car is starting to fade, we bring to pre-accident condition and can suggest other repairs to make the car as new, at a cost that should be affordable. Some additional repairs we do as a bonus while doing the repair at hand.

We always understand your vehicles utility value.

We understand our customer’s needs from their car or truck as well as their appreciation of this vehicle.

We are also one of the oldest continuously owned auto body repair shops in San Rafael. You cannot remain in business and grow if you do not provide excellent service. You must understand and appreciate cars to do this. Your customers must have complete confidence in your work. Your work must withstand the strictest of scrutiny. If anything is found to be even slightly wrong with this work, it must be made right, even if it is after the vehicle has been delivered, but hopefully before.

This is how you stay in business for over forty years. — Rhody Ringrose